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富栄久珈琲/ FUKUEI Coffee

fukuei coffee


guesthouse Nafshaから車を走らせておよそ20分。郡山市に本店を構える『富栄久珈琲』さんは、オーナー自らがアフリカへ赴き、直接豆を仕入れて時点で焙煎を行っているスペシャルティ-コーヒーの専門店です。
写真は左からカカオ豆の甘酒、コーヒー豆100g、コーヒー豆を購入するといただける試飲(写真はカプチーノ)、手前のお菓子はbean to barのカカオでつくられたオリジナルスイーツです。

About a 20 minute drive from guesthouse Nafsha. There is “Fukuei Coffee”, which is a specialty coffee shop where the owner himself travels to Africa to purchase beans directly and roast them by themselves at the store.
Since almost all processes are carried out in-house, bean skins, which would otherwise be discarded usually, are effectively used into original beverages and we can take haigh quality nutrition from it.
Fukuei Coffee is famous nationwide for its specialty coffee and I’ve heard its good reputation for a long time, but the other day I visited for the first time with my husband and I clearly understood the reason why people LOVE it. No matter what you get, it’s delicious!
If you’re come nearby, it’s a place we confidently recomened to stop by.

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