【Accommodation Info】

guesthouse Nafsha accepts reservations by “letter”.
This is because we think that our life is difficult to make on a timeline that flows quickly thorough the Internet.
This “letter” system is going against the times, but we would appreciate it if you cooperate with us and enjoy this process as if having a pen-pal friend in Fukushima.

● 7,500 yen / per night (Half for elementary kids, No charger for preschooler)
 ※October ~ March +500 yen / per person as heating costs.

● 1st floor reserved (up to 3 adults / up to 4 including children under elementary school age).

● Bath / Toilet (one each) / Wi-Fi / Dryer / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap are available.

● Check in 15:00 ~20:00、Check out ~10:00

【Letter Reservation】

Please write down following information on your letter and post it.

1)Name (Representative only)


3)Number of guests
 e.g.)2 adults, 1 elementary kid, 1 preschooler

4)Means of transportation to Nafsha
 e.g.)car or public transportation. *It will help us to suggest you the best trip plan around Fukushima.

5)Meal requests
 Please describe meal requests (dinner and breakfast) for ingredients preperation.
 >2,500 yen~/per guest for dinner (3,000 yen~ if alcohol is included), 500 yen/per guest for breakfast.

6) Accommodation date (line up 3 possible dates)
 e.g.) 1st:MARCH 03rd~07th, 2021
    2nd:MAY 20th~22rd, 2021
    3rd:APRIL 12th~13th, 2021 

*Reservations can be made up to 3 months in advance. Please refer to the business calendar at the bottom.
*You may not be able to make your first choice, so please line up 3 candidate dates as much as possible.

7) Your requests for how to stay
  e.g.) I’ve never been to Fukushima so please tell me how to enjoy.
     Is there any restaurants / shops that have English assistant

*Anything is OK. Feel free to write down your wishes and what you want to ask.

Recipient’s address:

 45-24 Yazawa Hachimanyama, Sukagawa City, Fukushima, Japan

 962-0311 guesthouse Nafsha Misato Sato

*We will reply to you within 2 business days after the letter arrives.

【Payment & Cancel policy】

● Payment is made in advance by bank transfer, and the reservation will be confirmed with payment after the accommodation schedule is settled.

● The payment account will be enclosed in our letter. Please check it.

● Please cancel at least 10 days before the scheduled accommodation date.
*Please note that the cancellation fee will be charged at 50% from 9 days before the scheduled date and 100% from 5 days before.
*Cancellation method will be informed in our letter.


In order to save writing a question in a letter, we have listed the answers to “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Q. Are there any parkings?
A. Yes. Up to 2 cars are available at common parking near our gusthouse.
Details will be informed in our letter.

Q. Could we enjoy without a car?
A. It’s depend on your plan but if you want to go to other areas in Fukushima, it may be difficult without a car.
In addition, Nafsha is located more than 10 km away from Sukagawa Station and the highway bus stop, so you may need a car.


◆Sleepwears is not provided. Please bring your own.
 *We do prepare bath and face towels.

◆We do not provide amenities such as lotion. Please bring your own.
 *We have Shampoo, conditioner and body soap available.

※Please check our Instagram as well for more info.