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  3. Schedule ~Sep/2021

Schedule ~Sep/2021

ちなみに、時々カレンダーに出てくる「Food Camp!」とは、オーナーの聡が関わっている取り組み。

We updated reservation schedule till September.
You can make reservation up to 3 month ahead, so please refer to the calendar to choose the day.
On that calendar, you also could find some events written as “Food Camp!“.
This is a project which Akira, the owner, has been involving for these 2 years, and it provides you the greatest FOOD experience!
They make “One day limited restaurant” at farmer’s filed and serve the guest with fresh and established meals cooked by professional chefs of Fukushima. Their reservation system is not connected with ours but please visit their bran-new Web if you are interested!
We also welcome you to stay Nafsha the nights before/after the event…*